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What Students Have Said...

"I have had the opportunity to receive NRA certified handgun instruction and personal training for a new handgun from Prairieguns.  I have found them to be very knowledgeable of handguns, shotguns and rifles.  As a teacher my instructor always demonstrated patience, positive interactions, with a strong awareness and focus on safety.  I would highly recommend Prairieguns for NRA firearm and personal instruction."

- Michael L., Galesburg


“I enrolled in a Prairieguns class on pistol safety and operation and found mysef with an outstanding instructor. He made everyone in the class feel comfortable, regardless of their level of experience. He used a great mixture of instruction techniques in order to make sure that students of various learning styles mastered the knowledge he was conveying. Prairieguns understands the value of hands-on training and provides the opportunity to practice with firearms in a safe, controlled setting."
 - Heather A., Galesburg