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Part 2 of the USMC Rules for Gunfighting (explained & expanded)

Posted by Prairie Guns on November 16, 2009 at 8:12 AM

Here we go with the second installment in this series:

2. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap. Your life is expensive.


Does this seem to be just a humorous adage akin to "anything worth doing is worth over-doing?"  Well, there is more truth and more practicality to this rule of gunfighting than first meets the eye. Consider first the words "worth shooting".  Personal defense with the use of deadly force is nothing to be taken lightly - done only "in the gravest extreme" (to quote the title of that classic work by Massad Ayoob), the use of deadly force is ONLY applied against someone or something "worth shooting," quite obviously.  When a threat is engaged with deadly force, the shooting continues until the threat no longer exists (or, you might say, until it is no longer a threat).  The need for a follow up shot may or may not exist (dependent upon many factors, including the caliber of the handgun brought to bear, the ammunition type and the location of the hit), but when we train we must remember that we will fight AS we train - one cannot overstate the importance of practicing strings of multiple shots.  The defensive shooter must be ready and able to deliver a string of multiple shots when needed to bring a threat to cessation.

As far as the second and third statements go, while ammo might not seem cheap these days it is in reality  DIRT CHEAP in comparison to the value of the lives of your loved ones, those you are protecting and yourself. Your life is not just expensive - it is priceless.

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